Hi Lynne-

Thank you so much for the pedigree information for Luke! 
Attached is a long overdue photo of Toby. He is such a wonderful member of our family. 47 pounds of pure love!! 
Hope you and your family are having a great summer!!
All the best,

Ps- We love following your website and seeing all the new litters!

I have to tell you we absolutely love Micah.  He has become a huge part of our family.  He's so lovable and he's great with other dogs and people.  I can't take him anywhere without people stopping to tell us how beautiful he is. 

Thank you,

Hi Lynne,

We named our little guy Otter!  He is doing so so well!  Only a couple of accidents inside, if I've been not quick enough to get him out.  He is so smart:   Seems to know "pee" when told, sitting with hand signal and/or when a mini training treat is out, and he seems more attentive to us each day.  Otter seems so fitting, as he seems to love belly rubs, playing on his back, being carried that way/belly up, and in position on back wanting belly rubs.
Hope you and the dogs/pups and adults are well!
Thanks again, Sue and Family

Hi Lynne. This is Oliver at four and a half months. He is the most wonderful puppy. So smart, sweet and fun. Loves training and is really well behaved. We adore him. Hope you and the family are well. Anne and Jeff

Hi Lynne,
Nell is doing great.
She is smart and friendly and just perfect.

Gabby's doing well, good vet check today!
Thanks Lynne for such a beautiful puppy.


Hi Lynne,
I hope this finds you well.  I have been meaning to send you pictures of Clara.  She is wonderful.  A sweet, well mannered little girl.
She loves to be on the boat, swim, sleep and play with her sister.  They get along great.  She recently discovered soccer, which she loves.  And she enjoys being at the office with everyone. I am a lucky mom!
Thanks for her!!

Hi Lynne!
Lexi actually went to sleep in her crate without any whining around 9 o’clock, Jeff brought her out at 11, then she slept until 5:30 this morning-no accidents or whining all night! Yay!! She is just so cute and is really smart and really sweet! We’ve already been able to consistently do “sit” with her and are working on “come”. Accidents have been minimal, too 👍🏻 Everybody in our neighborhood loves her!! Thank you, thank you!  We really love her and definitely consider her part of our family!

Hi Lynne,
Happy New Year! My wife, Ellie, and I picked up Boone in March of 2018 and we wanted to give an update as well as some pictures. Boone is quickly approaching his first birthday (Jan 31) and has grown into a beautiful and loving companion. He is very intelligent, loves everyone he meets, both dogs and humans, and is the joy of our lives. He has built up a nice group of doggie friends here in Boston that he sees during his morning and evening exercise as well as his mid day dog walks with a wonderful woman that walks many of the dogs in our neighborhood.
Like all good labs he loves the beach, the woods, marshlands and any place with water. He’s been a strong swimmer from an early age and just recently got his first taste of winter hikes with snow in Northern VT which he loved. He can also be quite the couch potato and loves our sofa and bed. There is nothing better than having him curl up next to us on a cold evening at home.
He has taken well to training and does well with all the basic commands including some more advanced ones. He still sometimes struggles with commands with other dogs around, as he can’t always contain his excitement, but we’re trying to help him get better every day.
Goals for 2019 are helping him improve his discipline around other dogs, refining the basic commands, and get more into waterfowl specific training as I’m hoping to take him hunting next duck season. Even if we fail in all those endeavors, we’re more than happy with Boone. He is a kind soul that is fun to be with and has brought both of us many happy days.
All the best,
Nat and Ellie


Gypsy is the perfect little girl! I had her outside with us all day yesterday! She can actually retrieve already and sit! Not kidding! She had her first bath last night and her eyes were closed before her head hit her bed! She slept til 608 AM! I took her out and she peed. She came in and barked by the door and did a little circle dance and I took her right outside again and she pooped! I couldn't have asked for a better puppy! I'm glad I found you, Lynne! Thanks again! Gypsy's mom!

Otter turned 1 in May.  He has been the perfect addition to our family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He is SO handsome.  We still (at least weekly if not daily) have people tell us he's such a great looking dog or "what a face!"  He is so bright like our other lab, but of course some differences.  He is incredibly observant.  He notices the slightest thing far away-the garage door or even brake lights in a yard far away, something new in someone's yard--from a distance, planes in the sky, etc. 
We are SO SO thrilled with him and the whole experience with you as the breeder.     -Sue

Hi Lynne!
Just thought we would send a little update on Savannah from your 11/18 litter. She is loving life here 🙂
We just returned from a vacation in Maine. She is such a smart girl.


Hi Lynne,
Hazel is doing great! We went to the vet this morning. She weighs 8.8 pounds and everyone was obsessed with her.
She and penny are having so much fun together. They love to play!
Here’s a picture for you. I’ll send more as she gets bigger 😃


Dear Lynne&Doug,

My husband and I are just over the moon, and so in love with our little Willow! She is such a love! I thought I would send you some pictures!   We just love her! Thank you again!!! Sincerely, Allie & Bryant 

Since Penelope just turned 2 on Christmas Eve, I thought it would be a good time to send some pictures of her and thank you for giving me my best friend! I could not have asked for a sweeter, happier, more playful dog. She comes to work with me every day and I have clients that make special trips to my office just to visit her- she’s got quite a fan club and even has her own Instagram account!


Hi Lynne. Our first week with Oshie has been really great.  He's adjusting well. Vet appointment yesterday went well. We really love him. He kind of likes us too! Stay well. I'll keep you updated with pics too -


Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to send along a couple of photos of our beautiful boy (Jubilee x Ben). At 6 months old, Sulley is over 60 pounds, loves swimming, excelling in training classes and sweeter than we could have ever imagined. We hope you are well, and once again thank you for being such a loving and dedicated breeder.

Our Sandy at six months!  She’s a beast, but a gorgeous animal...😊

Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Baxter. We love him more than words can say!
I will send more along as he grows!
Hope all is well!


Hi Lynne,
When we brought Gronk home we had a 16 year old Daschund who he adored. She died of old age when he was about 8 months old and he was so sad. He carried her blanket around, wouldn’t eat and tried to sleep in her much smaller bed.

Gronk spends a lot of time at Providence College where our daughter plays soccer. We bring him to all the games, the students love him!! As you can see in the pictures, Water and Balls..... definitely his favorite things. He is a true testament to your love and commitment to this fabulous breed. Everyone who meets him falls in love with those big eyes and his incredible personality. People also always comment on his super soft coat. Our family wouldn’t be complete without him, we just wanted to thank you again!!!

He honestly is the best dog, he loves everyone, is great with kids and loves all dogs. We can’t thank you enough for bringing him into our lives❤️❤️
Vivienne and Andy

East Bay Labradors

Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for your kindness thru the puppy process!  We are telling everyone how wonderful things went adopting Poppett.  Poppett had her first vet appt today and she was great, well she actually slept thru the appt! LOL!  She has been amazing!! By that night she was alerting us she needed to go outside by sitting at the slider and has only had one accident in the house and that was our fault. She loves being outside. She is a wonderful walking on her leash and enjoys going on short walks. She is also doing pretty darn good at night, only one rough night, to be expected. She is beautiful inside and out and we couldn't have received a better dog! I will send updates via email going forward! Thanks again for everything! We luv you guys!  

Beth & Paul

Thank you Lynne. Woody is a precious puppy. She is the Star ⭐️ of our little neighborhood. People -- strangers- stop their cars & get out just to see her.  Woody is a charmer to all!

Susan & Bill

Hi Lynne!
I hope you’re doing well! 
Wanted to check in & say thank you again for giving us Griff! We absolutely adore him. He’s so friendly, loves people, especially kids, and loves adventuring outdoors. Overall, he has been easy to train and learned all the basic commands so quickly! People comment all the time on what a beautiful lab he is.
It’s only been three months but we really can’t remember life before him. 
We’ve attached some recent pics! 
Lexi and Jake

Hi Lynne, 
We are absolutely in love with Henry!! He is the best! So, thank you so much for giving us our little guy :)  Mr. Henry has been a very good boy at home in NY, he is rarely having any accidents in the house, he is enjoying quiet time in his crate with classical music, and he loves his octopus toy that he drags around with him. We tried your ice cube trick tonight and he loved it! We brought him to the vet on Monday, everything looks great with him. Thank you again for the best boy!! (We aren’t biased). I’ve attached some pictures of him for you! 
Ellen and Joe 

Hi Lynne,
Just wanted to send you a up to date photo of Our Finn.
He loves playing catch.  He is also doing well with his stay commands.

Finn is so smart.  When he wants to go outside, he jumps up to try unlock the door. He also loves hanging out on our chairs.
He also has a uncanny sense of smell. You cannot keep any cookies on you, he finds them everytime.
He is my joy.
Merry Christmas

Hi Lynne,
Here is our beautiful baby! He is such a happy dog. We love him! I think he has a lot of his mom in him.  You have no idea how much he is complemented on his look, coat and demeanor. He is the neighborhood superstar!We love him but he needs a playmate this dog never stops!  He is so athletic and agile

Hi Lynne,
Denali has been awesome.   She is a very sweet dog and loves to cuddle.  She’s pretty smart too.  She’s doing excellent with crate/house training and has already picked up a couple commands.   She’s more advanced than I expected.  She had a vet visit last Monday, she checked out well.  My boys are obsessed with her.  She’s definitely had a positive impact on them.   We all love her and couldn’t be happier with her.   
I hope you and your dogs are doing well. 
Thank you very much for our pup,

Tucker is growing to be such a good boy and every time we go out someone will say something!

Adam & Erica


Annie is a beautiful (and big) 2 year old :-)  She is our shadow, is a very smart and a very sweet & gentle girl.  We can’t keep her away from her yellow frisbee (yes, she catches it in mid air) and if water is nearby she will find it (even in the bath tub)!  She is quite a bed hog and loves her big sister.  She has been such a wonderful addition to our family since the day we brought her home.  I’ll send another update on her 3rd birthday :-)
Thank you for all the care and love you give to your puppies!  
I hope you and your family are well,
Danielle & Bill

Jaxson did great last night! Only cried for a few minutes when he went in the crate then slept till 6am! 
Here's a few pictures of him today! 
Thank you so much,  we couldn't be happier!


Hi Lynne,
I meant to reach out to you sooner but as you can imagine, life is crazy here. Tatum is 17 weeks now and definitely has completed our family. She is playful and fun. On her most recent vet visit on Friday she hit 30 pounds! Every time she meets someone new she gets on her back for belly rubs. She loves other dogs, people, and everything in between. Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.

We thought you’d enjoy seeing some pictures of Dexter, whom we took home on July 27th! He’s growing so much and we just love him to death! He just started going to “school” and will eventually become a therapy dog… but for now we’ll enjoy the crazy puppy stage! :)

He has another appointment today, can’t wait to see how much he weighs now.. I can’t believe how fast he grows! He’s is a happy, healthy boy!


Hi! I just wanted to send you some more updated pictures of Winnie. She was born 12/3 and came home 1/25/20. She has become such an amazing girl! She’s so smart and listens so well. She’s attached at my side and follows me where ever I go. She’s about 9 and a half months now and weighing in at just about 75 pounds. We can’t wait to add another sweet girl like her to our family in a few years.

She's so beautiful and adorable.  We've been just doting on her.


Hi Lynne,
I know it hasn’t even been a week since we took Mumford home but I wanted to share he is already quite a celebrity.
He has his own Instagram account *mumford_thelab.
He was featured on the Essex Island Marina page as well as at the vet. He even got his old man big brother to let him share his bed and cuddle.
Thank you so very much. We are so happy!!

Hi Lynne!
I just wanted to share some pictures of Lexi.
Boy, is she just the best dog-she turned 9 months old yesterday! She is a complete love bug, is super sweet, soooo smart and just loves people and other dogs! We have her crate in my son’s room, so she sleeps there overnight, but as you can see, would be happy to snuggle up in bed with him-lol! We couldn’t be happier with her 🐶💕 We have done and continue to do lots of training with her, daily walks, playing frisbee (her favorite activity!), weekend hikes, she attends an in town doggy daycare twice a week and was just the missing piece to our family! We cannot thank you enough for everything!

Kaya is fitting perfectly into our family!!! She is such a love and the kids just adore her!!! Thank you!!

Hi Lynne,
I hope you and your family had a very merry Christmas!
I wanted to update you on our "Benny." (Ben/Lucy litter -- we brought him home on Labor Day). He is an awesome dog! Everyone who meets him, loves him! He is very smart (rings bell on door to go out), very sweet and SO handsome! 
We love him very much -- and he seems to really love us too. Happy family. 

Hi Lynne,
I just wanted to send  a quick note and let you know Annie is wonderful!  We really can’t believe that she is going to be 5 months old.  She is happy and healthy.  At 4 1/2 months she weighed 41 pounds, is very smart (and curious), she loves the water and being on the boat with us, and loves her big sister Woo.  I’ve attached a few pictures so you could see how she’s grown. Thank you for such a great addition to our family!  


Hi Lynne! I hope you are doing well. Here's our beautiful, sweet, smart, energetic Lexi...I can't believe we got her a year ago (yesterday), already! 😊🐶💕 We all love her to pieces!!

Hi Lynne,
We took Sulley to the vet this morning and everything looks great! He’s already 17.4 pounds!! He is a huge love who is adjusting well to his new home and is doing and excellent job with housebreaking and learning to walk on his leash.
I wanted to thank you for everything during this whole process.  You were amazing to work with!!
Here are a couple of pictures of our little buddy.

Hi Lynne. Thought you might like to know that Oliver is doing great! He is responding really well to both house and crate training. His upstairs crate is next to our bed. Last night he slept soundly from 8:30pm to 4:30am. He is really smart and loves being outside with us and on our screened back porch all day. Loves his 3x per day walks around the neighborhood and village. Everybody Oliver meets loves him. He can go up and down stairs and is learning how to come by name and sit. The vet exam went well.  We adore this wonderful puppy!

He is such a happy, well-behaved puppy. Taking him to the Peach Festival in Acushnet tomorrow for some brief socialization training. He loves watching the boats go in and out of the harbor. Our protected cove, a couple of blocks away from the house where we kayak, will be a really fun and safe place for Oliver to swim. Our beloved Finian loved to swim there with us. We are in love with our new fifth child and sixth grandchild! 
Anne and Jeff


Charlie loved his bath. He is in excellent health according to our vet. Thanks very much. Barbara

"Rosie" is doing great.   She has all five of us wrapped around her little paw!   Thank you very much for everything.  My college freshman cried when she saw her!  She's wanted a dog for years!   Here's a pic of Rosie at her new house.  


Hi Lynne!
I just wanted to share a couple of pics of Charlie. She is adjusting well to her new home and is quickly developing her personality. Jack is absolutely in love with her! Thanks again for the beautiful new addition to our family!


Hi  Lynne,
I took Colonel for his check up today and everything was fine.
The vet and vet techs love him!!!!
He has been playing with his puppy cousin Riley .
Colonel is a little tough guy!!! He already has been getting acquainted with children and adults he loves everyone.
Thank your children again for me because he is so good.
Speaking of being good, he has not peed or pooped in the house!!!!!! I hope that I did not jinx it!!!
Lynne we can not thank you enough for giving us this special puppy, he has stolen our hearts!!!
A person at the senior center is thinking after she retires that she would like a puppy and has asked about the kennel.
Colonel and Cooper are very good representatives for East Bay Labradors!!!!
I hope you like his picture!

Hi Lynne!
Well,  we Love love love Uma!  Best thing to happen to John and I.
Plus she's sooo smart!
Thanks so much 😃

Hi Lynne, We had Roxy s first vet visit,  everything went well! She is amazing with all of us and our other dog.  Thank you,  we can tell she was well socialized with your family. (Tony)

Hi Lynne!
I can’t believe Winnie has already been home for almost one month! I am so grateful I found you and was lucky enough to get one of your puppies. She has fit into the family instantly and has won over everyone’s hearts that she meets! She is so energetic, but such a sweet snuggly girl too. She loves to curl up against one of us and take a nap with lots of loud snoring! 
She was sleeping through the night in the crate  instantly after coming home with no troubles at all. She is a bit stubborn, but you can tell how smart she is and is eager to learn. 
Here are some pictures just from the last few weeks she’s been home. I’ll be sure to send more as she keeps growing! 
Thank you again, 
Emily & Winnie

Hi Lynne, 
Wanted to update you on Poppet. She is 9-months old now. She is a ball of energy and the biggest love bug! I think she looks a lot like her dad Syd in the snow pic.  She is very good with our blind 10 year old Shih Tzu, Rosie. Poppet LOVES to be outside, regardless of the weather and loves her morning car rides to Dunkin Donuts with her human sister, Casey and her morning walks with her human brother, Mitchell.  I can't tell you enough how incredible and affectionate she is and how grateful we are to have her in our lives. 
I see that a few of the ladies we met are now all retired including Poppet's grandmother.
I hope you enjoy the pics of Poppet! She is AMAZING!
Paul, Beth, Mitchell, Casey, Rosie & Poppet

Hi Lynne,
I hope you and your family are doing well. 
I wanted to check in about Thea. She is doing great! She is so sweet, loving, and well behaved. 
This summer we brought her on 3 camping trips, the most recent to New Hampshire. She did great in the camper (and the drive there) and loved going on hikes and walks. 
She loves to play ball throughout the day. She gets tons of attention and loves having her belly rubbed. We also take her everywhere we can, such as the park, playground, and our friends/ families houses. 
Everyone who meets her, loves her and tells us how lucky we are to have her...and we couldn’t agree more. Thank you


Dear Lynne
As Rosie’s 6 month birthday approaches, I thought I would send you some photos. She is a ball of energy, and if she could play catch all day, her world would be perfect. She is just great!

Zoey is something special !
She sits and comes on command at this age !
Incredible !
And I’ve seen my share of dogs.
I’ll keep you updated.
Magnificent breeding Lynne !


Hi Lynne,

We are so happy with Kacey! She is being so good and sweet, she is not afraid of anything, she gets along great with other dogs in our family, she is very friendly with everyone she meets and we couldn’t ask for a better puppy! Thank you so much Lynne!! 

Bruna & Geoff

Hi Lynne and all at East Bay Labradors,
We have had McGraw for a week now, he has grown so much already. We took him to the vet this week he’s 16 pounds already and a very healthy boy :) I just want to say thank you for making the process of getting him so easy and wonderful. You responded quickly to emails and calls and always provided such great help and info! We absolutely love him. He’s so smart and learns so much more everyday, potty training is a little crazy but he’s getting there already!! He sleeps from 9 pm-7:30 am which is so amazing. We can’t complain. Everywhere we go at least 5 people stop us to tell us how beautiful he is, he gets so many compliments. You guys breed amazing labs. I’ve recommended you to probably 5 people in public already. Thank you again!!!! -Jess

Yogi was 6 months old a week ago and weighed 79lbs!  He's a great dog, too.  Great temperament.  He might be the smartest lab I've ever had.  -Mike

I  wanted to reach out to let you know that Fiona , 2 now , is so loved & spoiled and she deserves it . She is such an amazing, smart dog ! She Loves everyone & all animals ! My daughter has a white  golden (another character) LoL & Fiona acts like her mother , it is so cute. She has brought such joy to me & my family after losing my mom & my other dog within months of each other . She is my fur therapy for sure .  My mom told me I had to get a another dog & she was right !
Thanks !
Laura & Fiona(DOB 2/3/18)


Hi Lynne,
     We thought that you would like to see these images of Pearl on her second birthday.  We are really enjoying her; she is an avid swimmer, and we try to get her to the beach almost every day.  She also loves going in the car, so she is pretty much a constant companion.
      Hope you and your family are well and are enjoying the summer.



Hi Lynne,
Sending some pics of Molly. We couldn’t be more happy we got her! She is super sweet!
Really. She could not be cuter or sweeter!
Really smart too. Follows lots of commands and almost potty trained:))
My older lab Ruby loves her too.
Telling all my friends what healthy, good natured dogs you breed!
Will send more pics as she grows.
Best Wishes...
Karen, Matthew, and Samuel

Hi Lynne, 
Just wanted to let you know that week one with Bailey home has been great! Took her to the vet on Monday and she had a clean bill of health! She is enjoying being home, we are all loving her so much.
She even played in the snow today!
Thanks for everything,